My favourite story

Stories make the world go ’round. They open us up to new worlds, new people, new ideas. They’re an awesome escape or a wonderful reality check. And they definitely need to be told!


“Story always tells us more than the mere words, and that is why we love to write it, and to read it.” Madeleine L’Engle


My favourite story is one I find myself returning to again and again. In each season of my life, it’s meant something a little different.

Every time I read it, I’m struck anew by its richness and depth.

The story tells of an individual who left his home to seek a bride.

To rescue her from destruction and death.

To find all things lost.

To heal all things wounded.

To bind all things broken.

To establish an ever-expanding kingdom.

This quest would cost the God-man His life, a price he was more than willing to pay.

Would you be interested in such a story? Would it surprise you to discover that you are the bride? And that you have a part to play in creating this kingdom?

For we’re all involved in this great cosmic story. An epic struggle against good and evil with a cowardly antagonist and a glorious Hero. Of princesses, warriors, and kings. This story has spanned the ages and will continue on into eternity.

If you’d like to hear more about this story, give me a holler! Not only do I love to read this story, I love to share it with others.

Be blessed,

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