Meet the new YA author of ‘Wisdom & Folly’ Michele Israel Harper

I’m excited to post my very first author interview. Ta-da! Michele Israel Harper was kind enough to be my first victim- uh, volunteer. She’s just published a YA novel in two parts titled ‘Wisdom & Folly.’ I got a chance to throw some questions at her via email, and she was kind enough to answer them […]

Writing is Enough – guest post

Today I’m sharing! I love this post by fellow writer, Robin Scobee, over on Quills & Inkblotts. She talks about how writing is weird, and writing is lonely, and writing takes forever, and sometimes you need to talk yourself down from the ledge of giving up. Be blessed, Tell me how you’ve found God’s sufficiency in the midst of […]

Making Order from Chaos

I’m not very tidy. That’s not one of my talents. I can bake a mean chocolate brownie, teach a Bible study, run a 10k, and knit a pair of fantastically cabled socks. But I am not tidy. Like, at all. I’ve got piles of stuff everywhere. Books. Paperwork. (Mostly) clean laundry. Various finished and unfinished craft […]

Three Things I Learned from Tom Petty

A friend and her husband started their own business. They had a great product, and after seeking the Lord, stepped out into this new venture with a commitment to honour Him with their work. And it didn’t go quite the way they planned. It didn’t crash and burn, sending them into bankruptcy. But it didn’t exactly […]