Making Order from Chaos

I’m not very tidy. That’s not one of my talents. I can bake a mean chocolate brownie, teach a Bible study, run a 10k, and knit a pair of fantastically cabled socks. But I am not tidy. Like, at all. I’ve got piles of stuff everywhere. Books. Paperwork. (Mostly) clean laundry. Various finished and unfinished craft […]

Three Things I Learned from Tom Petty

A friend and her husband started their own business. They had a great product, and after seeking the Lord, stepped out into this new venture with a commitment to honour Him with their work. And it didn’t go quite the way they planned. It didn’t crash and burn, sending them into bankruptcy. But it didn’t exactly […]

When the Dream Turns to Custard

What we wanted, what we longed for, didn’t happen. We had a plan and expected that plan to succeed. We pinned all our hopes on this one outcome and now – nothing. The plan failed, the dream deflated, the bubble burst. Didn’t get the job, didn’t get picked for the team, didn’t see the relationship pan […]