The High Cost of Our Mending

A single moment of doubt. A single ear heeding the voice of deception. A single instant savouring the sickly-sweet juice of defiance. And sin with all its consequences entered the world. Fellowship between God and His image-bearers. Severed. Bond between husband and wife. Parent and child. Strained. Every human relationship. Ruined. For thousands of years, […]

Perspective: The First Ingredient in A Recipe for Joy

When I was about twelve years old, I had an appointment with an optometrist. I didn’t think there was anything wrong with my eyes, but a teacher must have noticed me squinting and recommended my vision be tested. A week or so later, I went back to collect my new glasses. I was amazed when […]

Fear Doesn’t Live Here No More

Fear. It’s the most basic of emotions. All of us have experienced it at one time or another: that clench in our gut or race of our heart that happens to us when we’re afraid. Even newborn babies aren’t exempt from fear. There’s something called the Moro reflex that causes a physical reaction in newborns. […]

Embracing the change

Change. That word can strike fear into the bravest of souls. Some people are so uncomfortable with anything new that they only have think about change and they freak out. Big change, little change, it doesn’t make a difference. They’ve got their routine, and they don’t want anyone to mess with it. Even ordering a […]