Interview with YA author Heather Letto

I’m welcoming Heather Letto to the blog today. She’s a YA author, and she’s got a brand new book coming out on Friday – it’s the final book from her Ascension trilogy. I caught up with Heather via FB messenger and had a few questions for her:

You’re getting ready to publish the final book in your trilogy. What’s the series about?

photo (1)The Ascension Series is a young adult trilogy made up of Impervious (released March 2014), Implanted (released June, 2015), and The Imparting (due to release in December!) The series follows fifteen year old Fran (aka Wolf) who lives in a post-apocalyptic world fifty years post the War of Annihilation, in a super luxurious underground-bunker-turned-city where hedonism is the name of the game and fifteen is considered mid-life.



Tell us a little more about your main character, Fran. What’s her journey? What’s she looking for?

Fran lives off the grid, unaccountable to the corrupt government practices of the city of Impervious, hopeful that the promised Epoch (a time when the healed earth will allow freedom from the underground city) will come in her lifetime. As she seeks truth, she uncovers more than she could ever imagine and becomes bent on freeing the city from the lies that hold it hostage.

She sounds strong. I like her already! What was the inspiration behind the Ascension Series?

My desired goal for Impervious was to paint an outrageous, yet allegoric picture of heaven and earth that would grab the attention of believers and non-believers alike. The allegory continues in Implanted as a savior is introduced and enters the city mimicking the sacrifices made by Jesus Christ by entering our world. And finally, The Imparting finishes the allegory as those who believe in the truth are finally brought to their freedom.  My hope is that readers of the Christian faith will enjoy the allegory and be encouraged to dig deeper into their own faith. Also, because I truly believe that salvation from this world comes from Jesus Christ, my hope is that anyone seeking the truth will be spurred on to know Jesus as their own personal savior.

I love it. Sounds like there’s something for everyone who is interested in a fast-moving story set in the future – which is definitely on-trend right now. So how have your books been received?

Ironically, although this series was written first for believers, the real success thus far has been in seen mostly in the secular market with praises of nail-biting tension and a cast of memorable characters. In an effort to continue to spread the Gospel news, I’ve fashioned curriculum to accompany each book which brings the reader directly to the bible and discusses similarities and differences between this fictitious trilogy and God’s truths. (These guides are all free and can be downloaded directly from my website!!)

Goodies that go along with the stories? Great idea! And what about your own faith journey? Are you and Fran similar in any way? Completely the opposite?

I suppose in many ways, my own faith journey mirrored Fran’s.

In my home as a child, Christianity wasn’t a faith, more like joke fodder. Therefore, for the first half of my life I lived as a nonbeliever, and journeyed through life with a basic carnal mindset. Through my young adult years, I followed the same path as my secular friends and did what society said was appropriate for my age (which in hindsight was truly inappropriate.)

Like Fran, for a long season, I traversed through dark tunnels on the ‘fringe’ of society. But also, like our protagonist, as I wandered about, biding my time in destructive ways, I also ‘bumped into’ the bible.

To say I’m grateful to the Lord for his salvation is appropriate, but I don’t think it nearly sums up what’s inside of my heart.

What was the tipping point for you?

I remember taking a stroll through the woods one day maybe a few years after committing my life to Christ. I was listening to Third Day and reflecting on God’s goodness.  I can remember the exact spot where I stood as Mac Powel’s voice rained down on me with lyrics, “I would give you my life, ‘cause it’s all I have to give, because you gave your life for me.”  That day, I offered those same words as my dedication prayer to our Lord I still stand by it.

I appreciate you taking the time for this, Heather! Thanks for letting us get to know you a little better and Godspeed with your new release!

Be blessed,



If you want to follow Heather, find her on Twitter @hletto2 or her Facebook page, or her website.


Check out her books here

Impervious Implanted

The Imparting

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