Children are a Gift

She was too embarrassed to go the crisis pregnancy center or buy a kit at the supermarket. What if someone saw her? But Planned Parenthood was anonymous, right? And she had to know, right? So she went in and signed all the forms and took the test. 

It was positive. 

She went home and cried. Then she called her boyfriend and asked him to come over. He didn’t know where she’d been. Probably didn’t even suspect. 

She sat in her living room, waiting for him. They’d been dating about six months and she’d known within a week she wanted to marry him. But that was far in the future. They were only 21 and 22 years old, after all, and both had at least another year at university. 

So what would he say to this? He had plans and dreams. She had plans and dreams. She wanted to travel, write, become an English professor at a major university. But not be a mother. At least, not right now. Children were something for later, right? Something you planned for, right?

She heard his truck park outside and ran to meet him. She blurted it out, right there, in the front yard with all the cars driving by, “I’m pregnant.” Then she held her breath.

Nowhere in the Bible does it say children are a gift only if they come to a mother and a father who are already married. Nowhere in the Bible does it say children are a blessing only if they are planned. Nowhere in the Bible does it say children are a reward only if one has a quiver full. Nowhere in the Bible does it say children are a heritage only for the Godly.

Children are a gift. A blessing. A reward. A heritage. No matter what.

Yeah, I get it, it’s been God’s plan from the beginning for children to have a mother and father who are married and love and serve one another and are prepared for parenthood.

But if one or some or all of these factors don’t apply, the facts remain.

Children are a gift. A blessing. A reward. A heritage. No matter what.

The sad truth is every thought, every motive, every deed, every one of our relationships, everything we do outside of Christ is fractured and broken and in need of His healing touch.

In case you haven’t already guessed, I was the girl who heard my boyfriend’s truck pull up and there, in the front yard with all the cars driving by, I said, “I’m pregnant.” And I held my breath.

I didn’t have to wait for long. He knelt down. There on the front lawn. With all the cars driving by. “Marry me,” he said. So I did.

And about eight months later, we found ourselves recently married, completely unprepared, holding our first gift.

Our first blessing.
Our first reward.
Our first heritage.
No matter what

Yes, we chose death. Death to our plans, death to our dreams, our attitudes, our choice. And we received life. Exceedingly and abundantly more than we could ask for or imagine.

I look back and remember that day on the lawn. Standing there. Utterly undone. Realising we were about to bring a child into this world, a child whose soul would last forever. We decided  it was time to stop keeping one foot in both worlds. Time to stop doing things our way. Time to stop pretending we had everything figured out.

Time instead to throw ourselves into the arms of a Saviour, the only One who could, like that old song says, make something beautiful out of our lives. And we’ve never regretted jumping into that ocean of grace. We’ve found it to be an endless sea capable of swallowing all our shortcomings, failures, and sin.

She’s twenty years old now. Our first gift. She’s intelligent, independent, inquisitive. I couldn’t imagine my life without her. She’s running all over, I mean, studying in Europe right now. She loves  life, her family and friends and, most importantly, God.

She knows, because we’ve told her many times, she is the unplanned event who brought her mum and dad to the end of themselves. And she is the one who God used to bring us to His new beginning.

How about you? What has God used in your life to bring you closer to Him?

Be blessed,

Jeb xx



7 thoughts on “Children are a Gift

  1. Reblogged this on I Give God All The Glory and commented:
    Amen – all children are a gift! A powerful, moving post from an incredible woman of God! Praying this warms your heart – whether you have kids or not – we are all gifts, blessings, and love from God. Oh, and Happy early Mother’s Day to mom’s everywhere.

    May God bless each of you – His precious gifts!

    Jennifer – I Give God All The Glory

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  2. chills and tears….thank you for sharing your beautiful story Braunie. You and Scott were so brave. What a wonderful testimony of Gods grace and love!!

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